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Website Health Monitoring (WHM)

Don't Leave Your Website Health To Chance

Treat Your Website Like A Temple And Worship The Leads It Provides

Websites are a wee bit like a garden, they can start out your prized asset, but overtime you get busy and your attention is pulled in other directions, leaving things to build up and get messy. 

Our Website Health Monitoring solution is an easy fit for many business as it can be as little as a few hours per project, meaning we can cover off pretty much all maintenance over a six month period without things building up and becoming a mess. 

We can work with pretty much all website types, but newer sites are always the easiest to handle, so if you have an old site, make sure you check out our Web Wonks Website solution too. 

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Included In Website Health Monitoring (WHM)

  • Security updates to keep your website free of spam or any unwanted bots. We can also securely update your site core to keep it current. 
  • Theme & Module updates are super common for our clients and can range from minor changes, to big upgrades/changes.  
  • Daily, Mirror and Local Backups can go a long way to keeping stakeholders happy that their key online asset can be restored in the event of a server issue. 
  • Domain and Hosting checks are periodically needed to keep your site current.  
  • Contact form, email link click, or phone link click and general call-to-action changes can be accommodated easily.  
  • We also offer design, support, advice and consultancy around the best website choice for you.


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Why Use Website Health Monitoring?

  • Maintaining the integrity of your website is important for professionalism and ongoing organic ranking
  • Ensuring your site is backed up is absolutely critical and is often overlooked.
  • Identifying any potential issues that will improve the performance of the site will go a long way to keep customers on your site for longer.  
  • A seamless user experience and satisfaction will assist your conversion rates.

Our Range Of Solutions To Grow Your Business

Keeping an eye on your website is perhaps one of the lamest tasks any business owner / marketing manager has to take care of - well except uber wonks like us. We take the hassle out of managing your site by offering a range of tasks that reflect your needs and place them in your project on a ‘as-needed’ schedule. 


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