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The Web Wonks Model

Innovation Is In Our Blood

The Web Wonks Model

Harnessing The Power Of Microsoft, To Deliver Google Services To Clients 

One of the key issues Web Wonks has historically faced was the manual allocation of tasks to staff. Not only could the Traffic team not keep up with allocating the total number of monthly MPTs (10k+), management didn’t have visibility to manage resources in order to be most productive, or the ability to report what committed future work the company had to deliver. 

The previous workflow system (WorkflowMax) was fine off the shelf, but by 2020 the company IP had outgrown the features available. In 2021 the company planned for a two-year commitment, and $250,000 to build the bespoke system we required. As it was, within 4 months the company transitioned to the Web Wonks Model and at that time it had only cost $25,000; although, it has taken a further 18 months and $100,000 to fully develop, with the entire model structure now complete. 

This incredible success was prompted by a chance conversation with a Microsoft employee who sat on a university board with our CEO, Jeff McGregor. He gave the suggestion to build the Model using power apps by Microsoft. That conversation has now yielded a fully integrated tech stack that incorporates multiple Canvas apps, the Dataverse, Office 365, SharePoint, Power Automate, Azure web jobs, Power BI, Xero APIs, mailboxes, and soon -to-include Open AI models including ChatGPT. This is all contained within one single environment for each franchise to easily access. 


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Tenant  - Web Wonks runs two separate tenants one in New Zealand and one in the United States. This cuts down on lag time, but also ensures we can roll out our franchise network with ease. Microsoft data centres are popping up all over the globe and offer world class redundancy for our data.  

SharePoint is the file server we use for the full model and is deployed in a two-site configuration for each franchise. Studio Name (xx1) Model - eg Texas (TX1) Model

O365 Open Graph is used by the Model to ensure we can allocate tasks to staff within their Outlook Calendars, with relevant client data and instructions to complete work. 

Power Apps are the front-end user interface our staff use to work on your project. Most staff use Romulus for day to day work, while our middle management team (Traffic) use Remus. We also have quote and sales applications to track lead generation and projects underway. 

Power Automate executes the backend automation flows to make everything tick seamlessly in the background. From adding a client to generating a quote, onboarding a job, allocating tasks, generating project activity reports, notifying your project manager of new comments on your work streams, if it’s rote work, we want the machine to take care of it and leave the thinking to us.

Fabric and Power BI is how we manage and report back on the data we have in the system. The most important data we track is overdue tasks and forward-planned resource utility and resource availability. 

Xero offers an API that we use to send data from our Model as soon as we create a new client. Each client has a unique CRM-114 number that links invoices with jobs. Once a quote has been signed off and onboarded, your invoices are generated and sent directly to Xero for us to issue. 

Azure Web Jobs are used to execute the allocation (or deallocation) of tasks to staff. All we have to do is add the job IDs and the Model uses the MPT data to assign and allocate tasks in anavailable staff members calendar. 

Innovation is baked into our DNA. We don't want to offer static services to clients and we don't want to waste time and energy internally either. We like to think we have taken two incredible product offerings out of America (in Microsoft and Google) and built a method of extracting more value in New Zealand (through our Solutions).


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