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What is a Project Plan (PP)


Delivering Success Through The Use Of Our Smart Project Planning Process, Contextualised To Your Needs! 

At Web Wonks we pride ourselves on transparency and have a relentless focus on delivering the most up-to-date solutions to our clients. We mastered many years ago how to best divide up work and put the right staff member, in the right place, at the right time, to ensure the job we are completing on your behalf, delivers the objective set out in the strategic work stream for your business. 

We can build a project for almost any type of business and can work with both small budgets and big budgets (and anything in between). All businesses start with the Data Health Kit (DHK) and a full project plan is included during that job (so check that out). 

We can help you with a one-off job, or in an ongoing capacity. You really have all the control over what is being done and when. 

Importantly, we can be flexible with your timetable and move tasks to be completed sooner, or pushed out until you are ready. 

Along with any quote you are provided, there will also be a project plan (PP) that outlines the tasks being completed on your behalf. We also show you what month and what week the tasks are scheduled (can move about) to take place in so you can have peace of mind that we are working on your behalf. 

At the end of the month, your project manager can provide you with a Job Activity Report that shows what tasks were worked on that month and the total time allocated. You can easily match this against the quote provided to see transparently that we have completed the work on your behalf. 

Of course, the secret to our success is our project management team - known as the Insights (INS) team. You will be partnered with a project manager who will help explain and unlock business and ad metrics that can embed into your company for a lifetime to come. We love to see clients learn and take on more control. 

By hanging a project on a real plan, we have found, real results will occur.

Come plan your project with Web Wonks.


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A Project Plan (PP) starts out as an Excel spreadsheet that contains all the MPTs categorized under their respective Work Streams. PPs are used by staff members in either the SAL, INS, or MGT teams to select the relevant Work Streams for a client, linked to the MPTs specific to the goals of the business. 

Typically a PP can be completed without input from a client, however, most project plans will be created only after an investigation into the client's data and needs, as well as a conversation with the client about budgets, expectations and goals.  

The first tasks chosen for a project are the Work Stream Briefs (WSB) which sets the objectives and direction of the job. Each WSB tasks come with a template note that sits within the Foundation Job. All WSB tasks are completed in the first month of a project for a client. The note is then used to provide context to the clients specific requests over the duration of the project and is updated by all staff via comments related to the Work Stream to provide a living workflow. 

Once the Work Streams have been chosen in a PP, the staff member can then start adding the relevant MPTs to the project. Depending on the status of the client's Google / Social / Web stack, not all tasks are required and thus a careful selection of what tasks will be most impactful for the client is required. 

As the tasks are selected, the total project amount, the monthly project amount, and the Work Stream costs are calculated. This is often guided by the budget of the client and can be edited to add further tasks or to remove a Work Stream if it is outside the client's budget. 

Once the PP has been approved by a manager, the person creating it, will then create a quote shell and bind the project plan to the Model. This triggers automations to reference MPTs contained within the model and create unique Master Task Repositories (MTRs), these new tasks match the costs associated with the PP and a quote is generated for the client. 

A PDF version of the Project Plan and quote is then created which can be shared with the client. A unique project email/mailbox is also created. This email is then CCed into all communications with the client for the duration of the project, to ensure nothing is missed and a complete catalogue of conversation is maintained.

Your project is made up from a collection of Master Product Templates / Work Streams that you can choose from. With over 600 separate tasks and over 30+ Work Streams, we can deliver digital marketing services at a competitive price point, while simultaneously delivering the best service on the planet.


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