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Google Looker Studio (GLS)


Google Looker Studio Makes Data User-Friendly And Showcases Power Insights

Google Looker Studio is a free Google tool that is easy to use for skill levels. The dashboards are live and interactive with filters and date range controls. 

Looker Studio allows extensive control over the design and layout of their reports and dashboards, which we tailor to your specific needs and metrics. This level of customization not only enhances your experience but also enables all businesses to use stunning, easy-to-read data presentations that effectively communicate insights to stakeholders.


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Included In the Google Looker Studio (GLS) Solution

  • Looker Studio collects data instantaneously from multiple sources. Google Analytics, Google Ads and YouTube to name a few. We carefully consider what metrics matter most to your business and configure them accordingly.
  • We have found that Google Looker Studio is more convenient than delving into Analytics to find the information and so we add additional segments to multiple pages of your dashboard for clearer insights.
  • We can set up reporting to be sent to your monthly via PDF for those staff members who prefer a physical copy ;) 


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Why Use Looker Studio?

  • It's easy to share your insights with individuals and teams. 
  • Advanced analytics capabilities for deeper insights.
  • Easy to pull in Ecommerce metrics or large data sets.
  • Share your reports via a link in an email. 
  • You can embed your reports in marketing articles and annual reports for example. 
  • Backed by Google's robust security and infrastructure.

Our Range Of Solutions To Grow Your Business

Way back in the day we used to write real reports from transposed data, which we are pretty sure only 10% of our clients read - the problem being we didn't know which 10% and so spent hours labouring over reports that had outdated data as soon as we sent it to the client. Those days are dead and buried thanks to Google Looker Studio (thank god!).


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