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Advanced Analytics

Server Side Tagging (SST)

Claim Back Ownership Of Your Data

Don't Let The Tech Companies Take Your Data, Own What Is Yours To Begin With!

Regain control of your data and what is shared with third-party marketing platforms.

Now that Apple is using ITP 2.0 on Safari and iOS devices, they are limiting third-party cookies’ use =. For example, the cookie duration on Apple devices defaults to 7 days and sometimes 24 hours. This means a user who has visited the website for the first time will be counted as a new customer in 48 hours, and all its previous visit data will be lost with the recent visit. This overrides the default six months cookie duration for Google Analytics.

This also limits Attribution Modelling; when Google reports on omnichannel targeting, it provides you with Assisted Conversions, Conversion path length, and Conversion duration from multiple channels. It highlights the different channels that the user interacted with while purchasing over some time. With the limits to cookies, this data is not calculated.

In March 2023, we noticed nearly 50% of website traffic was recorded from Safari & Firefox browsers which already counts for a significant data loss in your account because of ITP 2.0

With upcoming changes with ITP 3.0, we expect more browsers to follow these new best practices along with ‘no cookie’ protocols, which will limit your GA reporting drastically.

By implementing Server Side Tagging we can resolve these issues and give you back control over how to effectively use your data.


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Included In Server Side Tagging (SST)

  • Your project manager will work with you to build out a strategy and framework for enabling Server Side Tagging for your site.
  • We will configure your Google Analytics (GA4) account to allow for smarter tracking.
  • We will configure the tags in your Google Tag Manager account so that they can pass values to a specific sub-domain for your site. 
  • We will set up and configure a Google Cloud Virtual Machine to store your data. 
  • We will configure first-party cookies for your website and work with your web development team to implement and publish the changes. 
  • You will own all the data and can begin leveraging AI to integrate other business metrics for more intelligent learning.


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Why Use Server Side Tagging?

  • Reduction in the impact of Ad blockers. At present, Ad blockers do not block requests that are sent to a custom subdomain. 
  • Your server sits between your website and Google Tag Manager. The server is set on a first-party cookie domain, called a subdomain - Your data gets sent to your server and the server sets the first-party cookie.   
  • Improved data security and data collection. You are in control of your data and what is shared with third-party marketing platforms.
  • Better Ad campaign management. Ad campaigns will be better optmized and conversions will typically increase.
  • Improved website performance because you are not running multiple scripts so there is less code to run. Page load times will increase and this will also be beneficial for engagement rates (formerly bounce rates). 

Our Range Of Solutions To Grow Your Business

We have to be honest, this is one of the most exciting new solutions we have released in years. It completely empowers our clients to own their data and is primed for AI to be woven into the data you collect. While we are glad that the big tech companies offer free analytics services, owning your data is so much more powerful for your business in the long term and without doubt sets your business apart from your competition.


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