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Master Product Templates & Work Streams

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The Engine Behind Our, Project Plans! 

Master Product Templates (MPTs) are the heart of what staff at Web Wonks deliver, while Work Streams are the solution we sell clients - they are two sides of the same coin. Starting in 2010, written step-by-step guides explaining to staff how to create Google accounts and ad campaigns, the company's Intellectual Property has now morphed into a much more dynamic approach to service delivery. In 2011 Work Streams were introduced with the release of the Web Wonks Model which codified the products sold to customers.

There are over 600 MPTs in use within the Web Wonks Model, though the top 120 are most often used. There are 30 Work Streams currently available to clients and a further 4 for internal staff requirements. 

An MPT is made up of a task description, a series of to-dos and a template note. These three pieces of the puzzle allow for all staff to collaborate and deliver an end result for the task at hand. Generally speaking, an MPT sits under a work stream and is connected to other MPTs (completed in sequence).

The MPT contains technical attributes that are used to assign the correct staff member/team to a task, set the start and end dates, sets the time, links back to the quote, links back to the foundation job, allows staff to report time, and contains the project communication email. 

Work Streams contain a standard description for use in the quotes and Project Plan pdf. It also contains the hourly rate for the Work Stream which is then applied to the MPTs selected in the Project Plan. 

MPTs and Work Streams are always evolving to suit the market requirements for digital marketing and digital productivity. Our Technical Director is currently tasked with linking google cloud workflows to Microsoft Fabric and Azure AI Studio to allow the company to fully exploit automation and remove errors from the model.

Effectively a Master Product Template (MPT) is our unique intellectual property. We have spent tens of thousands of hours developing these tasks to ensure we can deliver them to a very high standard, but also in a timely and cost effective way for our clients.


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