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Advanced Analytics

Do you want to be the best online? 

If you want to take a bigger slice of the pie, we can bake up some pretty intelligent insights! Don't get left behind relying on the tools Google (etc) offer, make use of smarter technology that you own and can extract REAL value from!

Turn Your Dreams Into Reality With Leading Edge Technology!

Beyond the standard reporting of GA4 lies a level of control over event data that has never been possible to control, however by capturing and storing your web data in your own cloud account, before passing it back to Google, will empower you beyond your competition. 

Ensuring you make the best use of your ecommerce data to make informed business decisions, as well as feeding the ad platforms key data is a key specialty of ours.   

The team at Web Wonks pride themselves in offering leading edge technology for all business sizes. 

Server Side Tagging (SST) is global best practice when it comes to owning your online web data, offering flexibility in the way you harness and extract value from your customer data, but SST can also extend your first party cookies for better tracking of users. 

Measurement Modelling takes your GA4 data to the next level, by overlaying key business objectives over your web data and injecting strategic pillars to allow your stakeholders to extract clear and meaningful insights. This is a solution clients with big datasets should be looking at. 

Data Matching builds on top of the data we extract from many of the Ecommerce Solutions. We are able to use advanced Data Science skills to cluster data and look for hidden gems of insight, which can have an incredible impact on revenue growth. 


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