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Website Go Live (WGL)

Launch Your Website Into Success!

Ensure Your Website Is Ready To Capture Leads And Revenue!

Going live with a website is often an afterthought for most web companies. All the energy goes into getting the site built and the content up on the site, then there are changes to the theme and fiddly things right at the end of the job. This can result in the go-live being overlooked and just pushed through. 

We have seen hundreds of sites where the client thinks everything was done on launch, only to find nothing was done - meta elements are missing, the contact form doesn't work, the ads are going to old links and organic indexing has been lost. 

We pour huge amounts of energy into your go-live to ensure nothing is left to chance and you can have peace of mind your site is performing from day one.

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Included In our Website Go Live (WGL)

  • A clear strategy for working with your web developer (or internally if we build your site) as well as you and your team.
  • A redirect sheet is prepared for all the key pages and URLs that are changing and that needs to be shown to search engines for ranking your new site. 
  • Meta elements are reviewed and updated where needed to ensure you don't drop SEO rankings. 
  • Your ad campaigns will be checked and the landing page URLs will be updated to keep your advertising running smoothly.
  • Your Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics accounts will be re-configured to keep your leads tracked and machine learning active.
  • Multiple staff from Web Wonks are aware of the date and time of your go-live, including a senior manager, a traffic controller, your project manager, and an operations staff member for comprehensive support if something goes wrong.
  • Checks on day one, day seven, and day 21 to ensure all data is tracking correctly and you have no issues.


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Why Prepare Your Website Go-Live?

  • Making sure you don't lose historic organic ranking as you transfer from one site to another. 
  • Keeping your analytics tracking with new events and goals for phone and form tracking (and Ecommerce if you need it)
  • Making sure you don't have any downtime as the new site propagates across the web. 
  • Keep your ads live and don't miss any leads coming to your site, but actively change out the landing page URLs in ALL your campaigns! 
  • So many more reasons - ask us about them . . .

We know that a website go-live can be a stressful exercise for everyone, especially if big money has been spent on the new site. We take the stress out of the launch by wrapping our hands around the process and looking out for your best interests - many clients will build their sites with other developers, but come to us just for the go live as they know we will get it right.


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