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Website Content Strategy (WCS)

Content Is King!

When Website Content Is Done Right, It Helps Your Website Convert!

In years past producing content for websites was arduous and often was the reason sites didn't go live. Put simply, it's burdensome, time-consuming, boring, and just plain tough to do. Worse yet, dozens of hours can be put into writing content that will never rank, because it does not align with your search ranking. 

These days, you can just use ChatGPT to write your content - just kidding, don't do that! Not only has Google stated they will down-rank AI written content, auto written content also doesn't actually have a strategy. 

When we put together website content strategies we do keyword research and dive deep into Google Search Console to uncover the best type of content that will drive traffic to your site. From there, we ensure the content is engaging and will convert.

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Included In Our Website Content Strategy (WCS)

  • A deep dive meeting with your project manager, who will work with you to review your current content and indexing. From there a clear strategy will be put in place for you to work toward.
  • We will develop a framework for your content that will focus on key search terms to help a keyword rich per page strategy. 
  • Once the framework has been done and approved, we will get to work on implementing the page changes, which include meta element changes, alt tagging on images, H-Tag choices, plus of course the body text. 
  • We will help you to develop clear calls to action on the page to drive conversion. 
  • This is repeated on all the pages you wish to develop.
  • As each page is released, we will (re)index for SEO best practices.


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Why Use a Website Content Strategy?

  • Content should be written for humans first and foremost, however, it is important to align what the search engines and the AI is looking for, so bending to their ‘will’ does help drive traffic to your site.
  • Because content is hard to write, often sites go live with half-written, substandard content on pages, so it is useful to reflect on how you position yourself and your brand through your website.
  • Fresh and new content will expand your indexing reach on search engines and drive more traffic to your website - it also helps with credibility. 
  • Most companies are innovating their products and services, which doesn't often get reflected on their website, so periodically reviewing and updating content is helpful to reflect the current products and services of the company.
  • Staff pages, about us pages, history pages, plus many more may need updating which we can help with. 

This website was ready six months before the site went live, why? Because we didn't have the content! We completely understand how difficult this process can be and are here to help - yes you can use AI to help you along, but that's not a strategy - we can provide you with that and kick-start a fresh content outlook for your website.


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