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Social Media Placement (SMP)

Keep Your Conversations Fresh And Engaging

Don't Let Your Voice Become Stale, Engage With New And Profitable Audiences

Social Media Placement is our catch-all solution for anything related to social media. We can help your business with pretty much any issue or opportunity you may have, though we tend to keep our work to the nuts and bolts of account and ad tweaks and leave content generation to you.

Once a campaign is set up for your business, it doesn't need intensive management, so including a handful of tasks in your project to check in and update your channels is an easy and cost-effective option for clients. 

It's important to understand that you may not need every social channel, but any that you do use, you should engage with regularly - if you don't plan to, perhaps unpublish it.

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Included In Social Media Placement (SMP)

  • We can review and change any campaigns you have running across all your social channels.
  • We can help secure and reclaim accounts that may have been set up by old staff. 
  • We can set up new social channels, or update your profile to match your wider brand initiatives. 
  • Our OPS team reports back to the INS team using clear task notes and comments ensuring we are feeding back relevant and useful information for you to take action.
  • We regularly review social Analytics for assisted campaign metrics.


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Why Use Social Media Placement?

  • Making sure your ads are running and returning value to your brand is important and we recommend a regular task to monitor your social channels. 
  • Big tech companies are always releasing new updates and features to their platforms, so keeping active and aware of these changes can impact your leads and brand placement. 
  • Social media can be a minefield for negative expression and it's important to neutralize any issues your brand may be exposed to.
  • General account hygiene and security reviews are always important!

Strange as it might seem, we do not have a Facebook Page, for us we found it didn't provide the value we needed and so we unpublished it - we do use LinkedIn and YouTube actively. We think it's better to have no presence than to have something that is stale and old and harms your brand by allowing potential customers to see an unloved page.


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