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Facebook Adverts (FBA)

Leverage Facebook Adverts For Your Brand

Amplify Your Social Brand With Facebook Adverts

There is real value in harnessing social media for the brand-building of your company image. We firmly believe that you should be in charge of your content generation on Facebook, so we leave page management to you, but when it comes to advertising, we can help you create blockbuster strategies and grow real results. 

With the right targeting of users and fresh placement of adverts, your business can thrive on the energy of all Billions of people using the Facebook Platform.

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Included In The Facebook Adverts (FBA) Solution

  • Your project manager will create a strategy framework to ensure that we have the right targeting options and content for your ads.
  • We will then gain access to your Facebook Page so we can make an assessment of the structure of the page and tweak settings to ensure you meet best practices.
  • We create/migrate your ad account into a Business Manager account and set up for using all the great features available.
  • We configure the Facebook Pixel to ensure we are tracking users who have visited your site and who we can then target for remarketing.
  • Finally, we will set the ads live and monitor to see how the engagement is working for your brand.


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Why Use Facebook Adverts?

  • Facebook Adverts have a great Return On Ad Spend compared to any other type of social campaign.
  • These ads can be set and forgetten for easy, low-maintenance management of your online brand.
  • Facebook Adverts can pull in product feeds to show a wide range of your products to the most relevant users.
  • These ads are great for brand extension to complement your wider marketing initiatives.

Our Range Of Solutions To Grow Your Business

Facebook Ads have struggled over the years to find relevance and returns and if we are completely honest, we don't rate them as high as Google Ads. With that said, they do provide an option for brand extension and if your business is socially geared, they are great for driving traffic and sales.


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