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Email / Database Marketing (EDM)

Activate Your Email Database Intelligently

The Is No Better Channel To Activate Than A Conversation With Your Customers

We love email marketing and encourage companies of sizes and types to build a strategy for sending regular emails to clients. You don't have to go overboard and it totally depends on the type of company you are in, but engaging both clients and prospects can keep your brand and message front and centre.

We can use pretty much any platform for sending out emails, but the most popular are Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor, and Kaviyo.

Our most successful Ecommerce clients are the ones who have a regular email campaign going to clients. Segmenting your database along with customer type and purchase history and help lift conversion rates, while ensuring cart abandonment emails are in place can draw customers back to your site to complete a purchase.

There are so many options available for your business, so please look seriously at adding this solution to your project with us. 

Book A Time With us To Diagnose Your Data

Included In Our Email / Database Marketing (EDM) Solution

  • We will start with a deep dive session with your project manager to review your current database and see how clean it is.
  • Once we know what size database you have and the number of lists you will require, we will help you select the platform that will serve your needs
  • From there we will create the template for your emails and provide a test for you to review. 
  • We will help you to add content to the email that is compelling and designed to get your customers to perform a key action. 
  • Once your email campaign has been sent out to your database we can review the analytics with you so you can understand the engagement and make changes for future campaigns. 
  • Optional Upgrade: we can help to setup lead nurturing or cart abandonment emails for automated email marketing 
  • Optional Upgrade: we can send surveys to your customers to help you answer key questions you might have about your products or services.


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Why Use Email / Database Marketing?

  • Email marketing affords your business a direct relationship with your customers and can be a powerful tool to get messages out to them fast.
  • Email marketing keeps your brand front and centre in the mind of your customers - not everyone is ready to purchase and may need to be reminded you can help then, having a regular email campaign can help keep you in focus. 
  • Email marketing has a massive impact for Ecommerce clients and we cannot stress enough how important emails are for increasing revenue.
  • Regular emails with professional and valuable content will showcase your team, your products, and your brand to all customer types.

We once saw a client lose $10,000 simply because they didn't send an email that week. Their marketing person was away and the weekly email never went out - for the year prior and for the year after, the company consistently made $10,000 from their weekly VIP email going out - all except that week. Needless to say, that never happened again!


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