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Search Engine Optimisation

Structured Data for Websites (SDW)


Rank Higher In The Search Results With Structured Data For Your Website

Structured Data is a set coding layout you can install into your website. This helps search engines better understand what your content is about. Search engines read the code and use it to display search results in a specific and much richer way. It uses specific tags and markup to categorize and define elements such as product details, events, reviews, and more, enhancing search visibility and enabling rich search results for users.

That's the reason why these results are referred to as Rich Snippets. This process classifies page content within your website for the potential to populate special search features and enhanced display for your organic listings.

Included In Structured Data For Your Website (SDW)

  • A comprehensive review of your website and current ranking profile using a mix of Google and 3rd party services. 
  • Creation of a structured data framework that will allow us to plan what type of code will be required for the different page template types you have on your website.   
  • We will then implement the structured data on your website (provided it's either WordPress or Shopify Plus) - if not, we will guide your web developer on how to complete it.
  • Configuration of your Google Tag Manager account to support the best possible indexing of your site.
  • Re-indexing of all pages updated, along with testing to ensure that the correct data is being displayed



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Why Do Structured Data For Your Website?

  • Structured Data is the use of in-page markup to highlight specific elements of a page you wish optimized for Google Search results.
  • For example, if a user searches ‘how to tie a tie’, the ‘how to’ indicates a query parameter that Google will typically respond with tutorial Videos, and a ‘People also ask’ (FAQ) feature in the search results.
  • The more visibility a user has of your business across the search results page, the better. Businesses with content that caters to Google’s best practices will always outweigh those that don’t.
  • If you have the content on your website, why not use it to the best of it’s abilities. With Structured Data, your business optimizes it’s potential to expand exposure and draw as many users in as possible.
  • Not all Structured Data categories will be applicable for you, but those that are associated to your business will help your organic ranking a great deal.


Our Range Of Solutions To Grow Your Business

Structured Data For Websites is the best thing you can do for your website to future-proof it. The rise of AI brings massive disruption to the way Search Engine Optimisation works, however if you build/configure your website so it offers both AI and Search Engines clear and objective information, your site is far more likely to rank above your competitors.


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