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Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)


Good SEO Will Drive More Organic (Free) Traffic To Your Website.

Robust SEO involves going beyond basic optimizing of your website content. It requires your website elements to showcase your relevance and authority for specific keywords and phrases, making it more likely to appear at the top of search results.

You want fast load times for the key pages on your website (ideally all, but let's work one at a time). Additionally, you need to ensure that the images you have used on your site are not so large they suck bandwidth for your users (and your web host).

Importantly keyword and competitor research will allow you to better understand the landscape you are operating in.


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Included In Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) 

  • A comprehensive review of your website and current ranking profile using a mix of Google and 3rd party services.
  • Creation of a Search Engine Optimisation framework that will allow us to plan what type of changes will be required for your website.
  • Inspection of your website using Google Search Console and SEMRush and highlighting of key changes needed on the site (via the framework).
  • Review the site changes with you to ensure we are all on the same page.
  • Removal of all negative domain referrers and referrer links to your site.
  • Updates to all Meta and Site tags on your website. 
  • Resubmission of your sitemap. 
  • Optional Upgrade: Structure Data (see SDW solution).
  • Optional Upgrade: ongoing maintenance to ensure your website continues to conform to Search Engine and AI best practices.


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Why Do Search Engine Optimisation?

  • We can't stress enough the importance of high quality content, not just on your home page but all pages of your website.
  • You must have your website verified with Google Search Console. Search Console provides an overview about how Google sees your website and it's the only place you can direct feedback from Google.  We use the search queries that has led to your URL showing organically and input these into every page of your website. 
  • H1 Tags are important. Ideally you should have one H1 tag on each page of your website.  The tag should describe the content of the page including your focus keyword.

  • Meta Titles and Descriptions are short pieces of HTML code found in every page of a website. They provide a brief overview of what the website page is about.  Whilst not a ranking factor if they are written well they encourage visitors to click through to your site.
  • Structured Data  is a code in a specific format that search engines read and understand. It’s important for SEO because you are making it easier for Google to understand what your content is about enabling them to show your website in search results

  • The user experience of your website is very important.  The website must be engaging. It must be HTTPS to protect the integrity of your website, be mobile friendly and have a fast server response time including visual stability. 

Our Range Of Solutions To Grow Your Business

Our founder, Jeff McGregor, has always believed in a strong brand above all else - even SEO. Relying on Search Engines to drive leads/revenue for your business is a dangerous game! I mean, let's face it, do you think when Google makes $280 Billion (USD 2021) from Ads, that they are keen on having websites rank for free? With that said, there is merit to doing SEO the right way - the Web Wonks way.


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