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YouTube Channels (YTC)

Expose yourself to a massive audience

Broadcast To The World Using The Best Online Content Platform

A YouTube channel offers a multitude of benefits for businesses and if you do nothing else online this year, make sure you create a channel and add some videos. Channels provide a platform to showcase products or services through engaging video content, allowing businesses to reach a wide audience and increase brand visibility. 

Channels can foster brand loyalty and customer engagement by creating a direct line of communication with viewers, who can like, comment, and share videos. Additionally, YouTube channels enable businesses to establish themselves as industry experts by sharing informative and educational content. 

This can attract potential customers and build credibility. Moreover, YouTube offers monetization opportunities through ads and sponsorships (not recommended for business customers). Overall, a well-managed YouTube channel can drive brand awareness, and customer engagement, and even generate revenue for businesses.

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Included In The YouTube Channel (YTC) Solution

  • The Creation / Upgrade of a YouTube Channel under your master control and ownership.
  • Data Connectivity allows you to get more out of your channel. Target the right country, generate revenue by monetizing ads, and add links for quick access to your website.
  • Branding / Watermark means you can promote your business boldly. Channel Art means you are seen and remembered.
  • Uploading content is easy, but does require a bit of finesse if you want to have your videos found in YouTube Search - we take care of all of this (up to 4 videos initially).
  • Using channel analytics, we can see how far through users are watching your content, where and how they are watching and what kind of content is most engaged with.


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Why Use A YouTube Channel?

  • YouTube is fast and effective when it comes to publishing video content online. Best of all it is free - though some of the advertising solutions offer amazing value for money.  
  • YouTube Channels allow you to measure the success of your brand's online engagement.
  • YouTube Channels allow you to grow a following for your brand, by producing great content and allowing people to subscribe to your channel.
  • YouTube Channels allow you to track performance-based marketing objectives.  
  • YouTube Channels allow you to create playlists that segment your content into relevant and easy-to-find streams.

Our Range Of Solutions To Grow Your Business

We really love YouTube for presenting ourselves to the world. We are big believers in sharing our content and knowledge as far as we can, in the early days our founder Jeff McGregor would add content to YouTube in a very unpolished way, but over time we built up a strategy and now release around 7 to 8 videos per month. The hardest part is starting, the second hardest is to keep going, but if you can get past that, you are golden.


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