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Google Search Ad Campaigns (GSC) - Google Ads


Google Search Campaigns The Bedrock of Google Ads

Google Search Campaigns have come a long way since they were launched with the original AdWords in 2000. We specialise in building Search Campaigns that include the most relevant and productive settings. We use extended text ads, ad extensions, negative keywords, targeting options, clever bidding structures and more. 

Our proven method of scoping out the best possible Search Campaign techniques has yielded millions upon millions of dollars for our clients. 


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Included In The Google Ads Search Campaign (GSC) Solution

  • Creation of a new Search Campaign(s) within your Google Ad Account. We treat this as infrastructure to ensure you OWN your long-term value.
  • Implementation of Google best practice techniques to ensure maximum return.
  • Strategic support from your dedicated project manager so you are in control of what's being offered.
  • A framework created for your specific needs, which you collaborate with and sign off on. 
  • Connection to Google Analytics to harness Machine Learning.
  • Actionable insights to improve your campaigns' performance through the use of Opti-Score


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Why Use A Google Search Campaign?

Why not use Google Search Campaigns - that's the real question.

  • It is common for business owners/stakeholders not to understand the differences between Ad campaign types. There are however very clear reasons for using specific campaign types for specific business reasons.
  • Search Campaigns allow you to bid on any keyword a user searches for on Google - this means when someone is searching for something you can offer them, you can offer your product/service.
  • Search Campaigns allow you to pack a whole heap of punch into a single text ad. With extended text ads you can command more space above your competition and helps you get noticed.
  • Search Campaigns allow you to extend your ads with site links, phone numbers, calls to action, or downloads.
  • Search Campaigns allow you to set your own daily budget to stop you overspending.
  • Search Campaigns allow you to use negative keywords, so you don't waste money on irrelevant clicks.  

Our Range Of Solutions To Grow Your Business

When people think of Google Ads, they are really thinking about Google Search Ads. Most everyone has clicked on a Search Ad at some point in their life and though we have heard throughout the years that they don't work, you can't argue with hundreds of Billions of dollars generated from serving text ads on the Google Search Engine - they work, full stop.


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