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Google Display Ad Campaigns (GDC) - Google Ads


Use The Google Display Network To PromoteYour Brand Far & Wide

Google Display Campaigns can help you reach your target audience while they’re browsing their favourite websites, showing a friend a YouTube video, checking their Gmail account, or using mobile devices and apps.

In simple words, Display Campaigns offer a geo-targeted and cost-friendly approach to promote your brand/product/offer across various channels on the Google Display Network.

In recent years Google has released some pretty cool features in the Display Campaigns which has resulted in a far better return on investment. If you have written off Display Ads in the past, it may be time to revisit them.


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Included In The Google Display Campaign (GDC) Solution

  • A comprehensive campaign to ensure your ads start strongly from the outset.
  • Stylish Animated Ads Using Google Excellent Ad Builder to showcase the best your business has to offer.
  • Clever ad settings to ensure we can effectively target options for maximum results.
  • 4 x Ad Group placement to target Keywords / Placements / Affinity Demographics / In Market Demographics.
  • A framework created for your specific needs, which you collaborate with and sign off on. 
  • Connection to Google Analytics to harness Machine Learning.
  • Actionable insights to improve your campaigns' performance through the use of Opti-Score.


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Why Use Google Display Ad Campaigns?

  • Google Display Ad Campaigns allow you to serve ads to almost anyone on the Internet.
  • Google Display Ad Campaigns allow you to set daily budgets and bidding strategies to reflect how much you are prepared to pay for your ads.
  • Google Display Ad Campaigns allow you to use either static ads, or animated ads to showcase your products and services.
  • Google Display Ad Campaigns allow you to target specific demographics, ages, genders, locations to ensure you are only talking to the most likely people to want your products or services.
  • Google Display Ad Campaigns allow you to lower the cost of your brand advertising when compared to traditional media placement.

Our Range Of Solutions To Grow Your Business

Back in the day (sheesh, we have been around a while) Display Campaigns were not something we would recommend, mainly due to the high bounce rate and lack of targeting. However, since Google was forced to change their platform in response to the removal of cookies from browsers, Display Campaigns have enjoyed a renaissance.


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