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Strategic Data Planning (SDP)



Professional Project Management Designed To Build Effective Digital Strategies

Our project management team is spread between New Zealand and the Philippines currently (soon to be Houston) and have all been trained using Web Wonks own internal system, called the Web Wonks Model (find out more here).

All project managers are certified in several Google products and Web Wonks has an ongoing training program in which all staff are enrolled in (one of our KPIs).

What we look for in a project manager is a competent pair of hands, someone who can listen to your needs, but also harness the power of our solutions to grow your business. 

All of this is for you to be smarter, more productive, and to achieve the things that matter most to you. 

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Included In Strategic Project Management (SDP)

  • Multiple Touch Points are scheduled each month. Your project manager will always have a 1hr admin task in the first week of every project month. Typically, you will also get at least one further short touch point, and a longer video meeting to hand over knowledge.
  • Your project manager can help resolve any issues you are having with the Work Streams we are completing on your behalf (if you ask really nicely, that can probably help with non-work stream questions too :P)
  • Your project manager can help complete work ahead of time (or push tasks out) if that's what your business needs - they will work with our Traffic Team to get things done for you. 
  • We can provide a Project Activity Report about your project at the end of each month. You can match this against your Project Plan and track your project as we work on it. 
  • Your project manager will work with our senior management team to ensure we are offering the best strategic direction for your business and keep your digital growth rolling over month after month.


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Why Use Strategic Project Management?

Right from the very start of Web Wonks formation we have placed the relationship with our clients at the top of the priority list. Over the years we have developed smarter ways of engaging you and your staff, while also transferring knowledge over to your team. 

  • Strategic project management ensures that projects are directly aligned with the overall strategic objectives of your organization (set at the start of the project). By establishing clear connections between the tasks we completed and your business goals, our resources and efforts are directed towards the most critical initiatives, maximizing the value delivered.
  • Strategic project management provides a structured framework for decision-making throughout the project lifecycle. It enables project managers and stakeholders to make informed choices based on data, analysis, and a comprehensive understanding of the project's impact on the organization's strategic direction. This is iterated each month through multiple touchpoints.
  • By employing strategic project management practices, we can optimize resource allocation for your project. Work Streams and tasks are prioritized based on their strategic importance, enabling efficient allocation of time, budget, and staff.
  • Strategic project management emphasizes strong client engagement and communication. It involves identifying and involving you and your team throughout the project, ensuring your perspectives are considered, and your expectations are managed effectively. Clear and consistent communication fosters your buy-in, collaboration, and support, ultimately leading to successful project outcomes.
  • Strategic project management promotes adaptability and agility in response to changing business environments. It allows our Traffic Team to proactively adjust project plans and resources to align with shifting strategic priorities, market dynamics, and emerging opportunities or challenges. This flexibility enables your business to stay competitive and responsive in dynamic markets, saving you time and earning you money. 

All projects will include Strategic Data Planning (SDP) tasks.

Our project management team takes pride in delivering results to your business. You won't find us overpromising, or big-noting, we stick to our plan and walk a well-worn path to online growth.


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