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Our Favourite Solutions

The Data Health Kit (DHK)


Comprehensive Online Data Management, For Businesses, Big and Small. 

The Data Health Kit (DHK) is our flagship solution and has evolved over the years to take into account the ever-growing list of core Google Business Products needed to deliver online success.

With over 1500 completed, it is fair to say we have identified and remedied more issues than we could count.

A focus on quality control means we deliver the most effective online health to every client.

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Included in The Data Health Kit (DHK) Solution

  • A comprehensive Project Plan and strategic review of all your data, by a senior manager so you have a clear path to grow your leads and revenue. 
  • Creation of a Master Google Account (Gmail), which you own – this will control all online accounts we create on your behalf.
  • Installation/Configuration of Tag Manager within your website. This allows us to track user behaviour more effectively and immunize you from long-term development costs.
  • Configuration of Google Analytics (GA4) - to allow us to see into the inner workings of your online brand & website - track goal conversions & events / filter out unhealthy spam / identify healthy and useful demographics.
  • Configuration of Google Search Console - to allow us to accurately assess your websites Search Engine optimization position and diagnose any potential flaws in your existing SEO strategy
  • Creation of a Google Ads Display Campaign. Hands down the most cost-effective online branding you can have. Without Remarketing your online health will never slow the brand decay that occurs after a user leaves your website.
  • Reporting via a personalized Online Health Monitor Dashboard using Google Looker Studio. This is our first step in educating you on what metrics are most important to look at when monitoring what is working and what isn’t on your website.


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Why Complete a Data Health Kit?

One of the largest struggles business owners and stakeholders have with online, is the lack of transparency regarding online services and what success looks like.

  • based on your website's contact/lead forms activity. This means we can then measure any marketing/ad spend you invest in.
  • The DHK weaves together a range of different Google products to allow for the most effective integration and tracking of data.
  • The DHK has an easy-to-follow Online Health Monitor to show you how your website is tracking.
  • The DHK has a series of Help Guides which can be used to educate yourself on baseline actions.
  • The DHK can act as a one-off job - there is no obligation to Web Wonks after we have completed the job for you. It has been designed to self-manage if it needs to be.
  • On top of all this, the DHK deploys a set-and-forget Google Display Campaign, which can cost as little as $1 per month for thousands of impressions of your brand to users who have been to your site.

Due to data tracking requirements, the job typically takes 4-6 weeks to complete. During this time a senior manager shepherds the job, with the help of the TCT team, and communicates to the client on the configuration of their Project Plan. At the end of the DHK job, a Project Manager is assigned if the client signs off the project. 

Our Range Of Solutions To Grow Your Business

The DHK has been designed to provide best-practice Google Analytics coverage and extend your brand using a Google Display Campaign. It's awesome!


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