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Google Ecommerce Analytics for GA4 (GEA)


Drive Real Ecommerce Growth With A Data-Driven Strategy

Using Google Analytics 4 with all Ecommerce options turned on allows you to delve deeper into the data than ever before. You can see where users abandon their shopping journey, and what products they are most likely to buy, and assign client ID to allow you to merge datasets from your Point Of Sale (POS) data.

With this information, we can more effectively target cart abandonment with relevant and timely emails/ads. We can address the most likely product combinations that convert and we can chart the Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) so we know who best to target with your online and offline advertising.


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Included in Ecommerce for Google Analytics 4

  • A deep assessment of your current online sales pipeline with your project manager and one of our senior managers - how many transactions are happening per month, who is your merchant, is your site secure and what you want to achieve. 
  • Advanced Analytics tags are set up within your Google Tag Manager account.
  • Advanced Ecommerce integrations with your website and merchant for smarter data-sharing potential.
  • Ensuring relevant and accurate tracking across platforms.
  • Monitoring of user behaviours via advanced measurements like product-to-cart ratio and home page banner impressions.
  • Ecommerce tracking configuration to ensure we can see shopping cart abandonment.
  • Shopping cart abandonment tracking for clear audience list creation and auto email marketing options. 
  • Unique user ID Tracking to match data from online and offline sales.
  • Reviewing and refining the data to ensure we have data integrity and get getting correct financial information.
  • Optional Upgrade: we can build an Ecommerce dashboard in Google Looker Studio for easy-to-read reporting. 


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Why Use Enhanced Ecommerce for Google Analytics 4?

  • Enhanced Ecommerce tracking for Google Analytics is the single most important feature you can enable within your Analytics account if you are an Ecommerce business.
  • Enhanced Ecommerce tracking for Google Analytics allows you to see what step in the shopping cart process a user is abandoning the cart (ie, shipping stage, sign-up stage, or final payment stage).
  • Enhanced Ecommerce tracking allows you to see to cart to buy ratio and the cart to product ratio. These metrics are good guides to see if people are engaging with your product pages, and if more can be done to improve the flow to conversion.
  • Enhanced Ecommerce tracking allows you to drill down so much further into the revenue potential of your traffic. You can segment specific users into targetable lists – in turn, offering them the product they want, when they want it.
  • Enabling User ID’s within Ecommerce tracking allows your company to see the best-performing demographics, which can then be matched against your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) program. This creates a powerful tool for you to increase total revenue, average order values, and CLV.

Our Range Of Solutions To Grow Your Business

Enhanced Ecommerce was released by Google many years ago and the product has developed nicely into GA4. Businesses that take the time to measure their Ecommerce data to a deeper level grow that much more than companies simply focused on marketing. At the end of the day, one of the most important people to talk to (advertise to), is someone who put something in your cart but abandoned it - do you know who is doing that? Do you have a strategy in place to target them? We can help you build one.


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