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Advanced Retail Ecommerce (ARE)

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An omnichannel approach allows for the seamless integration and coordination of various marketing and sales channels, both online and offline, to provide a unified and consistent customer experience.

We can integrate newer marketing channels, such as email marketing and online advertising with traditional marketing channels such as radio and TV, and overlay a data-driven strategy.. For example, a customer might browse products on a website having been driven to their by a radio ad, but then come into a store and buy in person. Following this customer journey can be invaluable for understanding where to put your marketing efforts. 

The key to a successful omnichannel approach is the ability to provide a consistent brand experience and enable smooth transitions between channels. It requires robust data integration, real-time synchronization, and a deep understanding of customer behaviour and preferences. By implementing an omnichannel strategy, businesses can deliver a personalized, seamless, and convenient customer experience, fostering loyalty, increasing sales, and building a strong brand presence both online and offline. All of which we can help with.

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Included In Advanced Retail Ecommerce (ARE)

  • A full deep dive into your current on and offline marketing program with your project manager and one of our senior managers - often we will visit a store and assess how a customer is likely to engage with your brand/
  • A review of your current data tracking for both web sales and Point Of Sale (POS) transitions. 
  • We will work to match customer IDs through the website and in-store - often this is done through emails and ideally a VIP / rewards program. 
  • Where we are missing aspects of the journey we will work with you to more effectively track the customer journey and put in place measurement.
  • Once we have the methodology in place, we will then run integrated campaigns to drive higher returns - often this is measured by increased revenue or foot traffic.


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Why Do Advanced Retail Ecommerce?

  • Businesses with large marketing budgets are often looking at the Cost Per Lead (CPL), Return On Ad Spend (ROAS), and Customer Lifetime Value (CLV), so implementing advanced Ecommerce integration will help streamline the data analysis.
  • Tracking multiple channels, especially above-the-line advertising such as radio can be hard to do, but by implementing baseline data, you can more effectively measure success. 
  • Understanding the journey a customer takes through touchpoints with your brand is key to uncovering higher returns from each purchase they make. 
  • Knowing the cost per acquisition per client and the differential value (and operation cost) of an in-store and online purchase can have a large effect on where a business will invest resources.

We really enjoy working with bigger retailers, not only because they have larger datasets to work with and normally intelligent and engaged marketing teams, but the returns we can provide can be very big. The challenge of getting a strategy to encompass such wide and varied marketing initiatives is one that really gets us excited! 


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