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Advanced Analytics

Data Matching (DMW)

Mine Customer Data For Insights

Data Matching Is At The Forefront of Real and Tangible Business Analytics

With the power of business analytics and the knowledge of customer insights, we match the customer data across multiple platforms and segment the customers, based on relevant attributes, metrics and demographics, to perform targeted marketing.

We use advanced statistical methodologies to extract real and tangible insights from your datasets. By clustering customer demographic and sales data we can build profiles on your highest return customers which you can use to better target your advertising toward.

Breaking clients into Bronze / Silver / Gold / Platinum groupings (typically done by value) we can help you to build better relationships and develop targeted conversations with all types of customers, segmenting offers that are most relevant to them. 


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Included in the Data Matching Solution (DMW)

  • We will work with you to gather customer data from multiple sources, i.e. your Google Analytics account, website backend, Surveys, External Data sources, etc. The more data we have, the better we can understand the true nature of your customers.
  • Using Python, matching the customer data based on a Unique ID, which will be identified as a primary key across all the data sources. This process allows us to identify those customers, which are currently present with the respective business and most importantly, helps us to merge various attributes of a customer in a single data set.
  • Using the complexity of Hierarchical and K-means cluster analysis, identify the segments of customers which are based on attributes, metrics and demographics of your choice so that you can decide better for your customers. This helps us to feed the customers what they are really looking for.
  • Delivering the managerial abstract of the findings, extracted throughout the process, to help you better understand your customers and to help you grow your business by moving in the right direction.
  • All of this is wrapped up in strategic project management to embed the learnings into your business for long-term value return.


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Why Use Data Matching For Your Business? 

  • Data Matching allows you to understand your customers, their behaviour and their needs on an advanced level. You are not restricted to certain metrics or content.
  • Data Matching helps you grow your business in a more focused and targeted way rather than going for everything that comes your way.
  • Data Matching assists you to overcome the problem of not achieving the right results.
  • Data Matching allows you to mine customer data for the areas of value, and identify the interactions of the customers with the business content, i.e. extract and identify those contents of the business with whom the customers interact the most.
  • Data Matching allows you to analyze the risk and success factors, by observing the different trends in customer data.
  • Data Matching allows you to use the customer segments for predictive analysis and much more!

Our Range Of Solutions To Grow Your Business

For many years we have had strong relationships with leading universities and their master of business analytics programs (2 of the senior staff came from these programs). We work closely with leading professors to mesh academic skills with real-world applications and most years have a cohort of masters students who undertake an analytical project with us to help nurture a culture of excellence


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